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An Emissary’s Epistle On Essential Oils: A Must-Have For Every Matriarch

Just a solitary electronic missive, that’s all it took to significantly pivot my existence roughly 18 months past.

A certain lady, Dayna, penned an intriguing email proclaiming an irresistible offer on essential oils. Indeed, I had been an ardent yet incognito admirer of her insightful blog, Lemon Lime Adventures. Her compelling proposition kept me ruminating, a dithering hesitation on whether to invest in the premium starter kit. My husband, a lengthy conversation, and three robust cups of jet-black coffee later, I summoned the courage to seize this opportunity. I ventured forth to try the Young Living Premium Starter Kit.

Contemplating essential oils? Peruse this preamble. I find this maternal insight into essential oils truly enlightening. Discover ingenious applications for these oils from a mother’s viewpoint.

The entire procurement and payment journey was akin to tiptoeing through a minefield. Hefty financial commitments send me into a spin, invoking severe anxiousness. Yes, a bill of $160 strikes me as a considerable sum! Yet, it wasn’t the capital at stake that induced my worry. It was the gnawing fear that I might find the oils to be mere flimflam, rendering my hard-earned investment fruitless.

Fortuitously, a few weeks later, an assortment of 11 essential oils, a diffuser, and some complimentary samples arrived at my post office box. Although unsure of my first move, I regarded the oils with a hopeful intuition that they would serve as potent aids for my household.

In retrospect, after a period of 18 months, I am confident to attest that it ranks amongst my life’s stellar decisions. A verdict I don’t declare nonchalantly. It’s a well-known fact that I speak my mind without hesitation.

The progress we’ve made over the past year and a half is nothing short of astounding, and I feel compelled to broadcast the transformative influence these essential oils had on our family’s well-being. Here are just a smattering of ways essential oils have revamped our life and those around us:

Promoting Robust Sleep Patterns

Perhaps you have a little one who enjoys nocturnal greetings, or you’re a mother whose mind races at the day’s end with a myriad of thoughts. Or perhaps your spouse tends to overlook the need for adequate sleep. Let’s be candid and concede that we, as mothers, are deprived of the much-needed slumber we deserve!

Essential oils can contribute to a more restful sleep regimen. Frankincense and lavender, diffused into the night, are my reliable sleep-enhancing allies.

Pondering the idea of delving into the world of essential oils? Do yourself a favor and read this preliminary guide. You’re bound to appreciate this mother’s perspective on essential oils. A treasure trove of creative uses for these oils from a mother’s standpoint.

Boosting Emotional Equilibrium

With the arrival of my daughter (my second offspring), I sought to enhance my emotional stability for my sake and my family’s. My emotional state following my firstborn’s birth (a son) was shaky. My postpartum experience, enhanced by the use of essential oils, was radically altered. And my husband, expressing his gratitude daily, concurs on the wonders of oils!

Several moons later, essential oils continue to bolster my emotional resilience. The demands of parenthood can be challenging and stressful, but essential oils can help maintain your equilibrium, enabling you to focus on what truly matters. Stress away, frankincense, lemon, and peppermint form my emotional balance and uplifting arsenal.

Maintaining a Healthy Weight

We all aspire to manage our weight effectively, a task increasingly challenging over time. This is particularly true for mothers, given the scarcity of time. Essential oils can lend a hand in maintaining a healthy weight! Courtesy of these oils, I still fit into my clothing from my early twenties. Peppermint vitality and lemon vitality are commendable oils from the kit that aid healthy weight management, with grapefruit vitality being another great addition.

Boosting Immunity

During the colder seasons, essential oils can help your family stay in the pink of health. They can provide fantastic support to your respiratory and immune systems. Breathe easy using a natural solution! Thieves vitality and peppermint vitality are my chosen warriors during autumn and winter months. What I find most delightful is the convenience – everything I need is just within reach.

Embracing a Chemical-Free Environment

Prior to my introduction to essential oils, I was blissfully unaware of the hazards of the commonplace chemicals lurking in our home. I failed to consider my children’s tender bare feet traversing across chemically cleaned floors, or their lungs inhaling noxious air fresheners. Even my health as I handled these chemicals during my 3-hour Saturday cleaning regimen.

The impact of a chemical cleaner may not be noticeable in the short term, but over time it takes a toll on our health, affecting both young and old alike. Essential oils offered us the empowerment to switch to natural cleaners and transformed our family’s cleaning routine. Everyone contributes now, including our toddler with his own Thieves spray bottle. We even concoct our own linen sprays, air fresheners, and laundry scents using essential oils. The cost is similar, if not lower, than what we were spending earlier.

But the journey doesn’t end here. These are but a handful of ways essential oils have revamped our lives. The Young Living Premium Starter Kit alone offers thousands of applications. I’ve been a witness to the transformational changes in many families who embraced essential oils, mirroring the metamorphosis within our own family.

I cannot envision our home devoid of these potent elixirs ever again. If skepticism or financial anxiety is holding you back, rest assured, there’s an oil for that too! I can vouch for it.

The investment in the Premium Starter Kit is insignificant compared to some of the unnecessary expenditures our family previously incurred – on fast food, chemical cleaners and air fresheners, chemical-laden skin care products, or the latest juice fad.

Essential oils, having been in use since antiquity, are neither a fad nor a craze. They are here to stay. Regardless of whether you embrace them sooner or later, I am certain you will eventually take the plunge!

Don’t procrastinate. Just do it. I am privy to too many success stories to assert that essential oils can radically transform your family life. Every mother ought to have them in their home. They serve as an impressive toolkit to solve everyday problems. Who wouldn’t appreciate such a resource at their fingertips?

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