how to make aromatherapy soap

Aromatherapy soap is a soap that benefits the user both physically and psychologically. The smell of the soap is used to help relax, soothe the senses, and relieve pain. In this blog post, we’ll go over tips to make your aromatherapy soap.

The first thing you need is a bar of pure olive oil soap; this will create a lather when you mix it with essential oil or scented oils. We recommend using one part pure olive oil to two parts water when mixing the two ingredients – this will provide more control over how wet or dry your mixture becomes during blending (if it’s too wet, add in some more water).

The next thing is to add your essential oils of choice. The amount you require depends on how much soap you’re creating, but the general rule is that one drop of oil should be diluted in two teaspoons of water. Once you’ve added in the drops of your chosen oil, ensure that there’s no excess air left inside your mixture – we recommend using a hand blender.

Leave the mixture for a few hours to let the scent setting take place; this will allow the soap to absorb some of the oils from within the individual ingredients. Once the mixture has had enough time to absorb the oils, you can take out a small amount and test it to see how it smells. If the soap is too strong, you can add extra water to dilute the scent.

This step isn’t required, but we recommend adding some essential oils containing lavender to relieve headaches and other pain. The essential oils of choice are lavender, lemon, or mandarin.

Once you’ve added your chosen essential oils and checked your soap for fragrance strength, you can start making some aromatherapy soaps! You can make them by hand, but we recommend investing in an electric hand mixer for ease of use.

If you plan on making a huge amount of soap, invest in silicone moulds for convenience. We recommend using about five and a half teaspoons of pure olive oil for every mould (unless you intend on using colourants).

Once your molds are ready, use your hand mixer or electric whisk to create a homemade version of your favorite scent and add it to the oil base. Then mix with other oils that you wish to include in the soap. When you have mixed all of your oils, pour them into the moulds and allow them to set in a warm place.

If you have used silicone molds, they should be popped into the freezer to speed up this process. Once the soap has hardened, it can be removed from the moulds. This can be done with ease by using a sharp knife. Once you have removed the soap from the mould, it will be ready to use!

Remember that the smell of aromatherapy soap is subjective; everyone has different preferences regarding perfumes.

In conclusion, aromatherapy soap is a great way to get into making your products. It’s cheap, easy to make, and definitely something you can show to friends.

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