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Bath bombs are colourful, so why not use your bath time as a learning experience? This article provides the perfect guide for making beautifully coloured bath bombs. With this article, you’ll be able to explore and create colorant in your kitchen.

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When coloring a bath bomb, your colour options are limitless! Everyone has their personal preferences, but there are some rules to follow when making bath bombs. There are many different methods for creating colorants for beauty products, such as soap or bath bombs; here’s one of the best ways to create a colorant for your homemade products. Here are the best colorant for bath bombs.

1. Mica Powder for Epoxy Resin.

Mica powder is helpful for epoxy resin as it has a high mica content and gives off a greenish shade when mixed with other colours. Mica powder is safe to use with any epoxy resin like polyester or polyurethane, as this does not affect the quality of the coating or material. This stable compound can be used for many things such as glitter, colourants, wax sealant, and shoe polish. This material can also be blended easily with other substances such as wood stain, cement, and mineral oil to create unique materials that add colour without altering the properties of additional coats. Some products that are quick to dry but slow down in cold temperatures are a good choice.

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2. Original Stationery: Mica Powder Pearl Pigment

Original Mica Powder pearl pigment is a non-toxic, white opacifying powder. It can be used to make all shades of light and dark green and can even enhance the colouring of epoxy resin or acrylic resin, methyl methacrylate, and other acrylates. This powder is soluble in solvents and easily blendable with other pigments. It has a low price and large volume, so it can help you save time during production and reduce waste.

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3. Limino Bath Bomb Soap Dye

Limino is a bath bomb colourant that can color bath bombs and other beauty products very quickly (from 3 to 6 minutes) because it is a liquid dye applied directly to the item. It is also safe for use, as its formula has no toxic ingredients.

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4. Wayin Food Grade Skin Safe Liquid Based Bath Bomb Colorant

Though bathing in plain water can be pretty soothing, it does have its drawbacks, such as dull grey water. Water-based soap dyes are simple to mix and disperse, with no weeping or hardening. These soap colourants are added to the result of your favorite luxury soap recipe so that you will bring out the colours and shapes from within your product.

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5. Rolio – Mica Powder – 24 Jars of Pigment for Paint

Mica powder is a common choice for making more complex colours. It can be used with any acrylic resin, such as polyester and polyurethane. It is safe to use and helps provide colour stability in products. The pigment particles are more delicate than talc particles, allowing the powder to color faster than other powder-based products. Depending on how quickly you wish the product to dry or harden, you can mix it with other pigments to change the tone of your coating.

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Moving On

Choosing the best colorant for bath bombs is integral to product development. There are many choices of colourants, powders and liquids in the market. The critical component in any suitable colourant is that it colors fast and does not react with other substances in the bath bomb mixture. Other essential factors to consider are safety, ease of use, and cost-effectiveness.

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